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“My treatment was extremely effective and resolved the skin issues I had been experiencing. The office staff are courteous and professional. I am pleased with my results and the care that I have received.” -Andrea S.

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Awesome Experience!

Nov 30, 2016 by Kailey A.

The experience has been awesome! I cant believe the difference in my skin. I had tried everything before and this is the only thing that really worked. The staff is all so nice and I'm really happy with my results.


Nov 30, 2016 by Savannah B.

Dr. Crutchfield and his staff are all so wonderful. After seeing numerous doctors over several years (15 ) of living with Psoriasis I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Crutchfield. Within 2 weeks my skin was clear and so soft. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin-literally!

Great Work!

Nov 30, 2016 by Edgar T.

My experience was great! I went to the clinic monthly and the staff was friendly. As soon as I walked in they greeted me, the nurses were great, and overall the establishment is great. Great work from everyone and Dr. Crutchfield.

It's Been A Pleasure

Nov 30, 2016 by Dominic P.

It has been a pleasure having Dr. Crutchfield help me with my plaque psoriasis. Dr. Crutchfield was not satisfied until there was zero signs of the psoriasis on my body. Today I am fortunate enough to say that we have the psoriasis entirely under control. It feels amazing to not be bothered or embarrassed by my psoriasis. Thank you Dr. Crutchfield

Wonderful Outcome!

Nov 18, 2016 by Harry R.

My experience with Crutchfield Dermatology has been one of the best moves I, myself, could have made. I have suffered from a scalp problem for over 2 years. I went to see Dr. Crutchfield and he knew right away what I was suffering from and how I needed to be treated. I have a wonderful outcome!

Strongly Recommend Dr. Crutchfield

Nov 18, 2016 by Kathy E.

My appointment w/Dr. Crutchfield was a consultation to discuss options he may have for me due to an acoustic neuroma from 20 years ago that left my left side of my face without movement. Dr. Crutchfield assessed me and suggested we do fillers and another injectable. The resting look is amazingly improved and I will return in a month to follow up. His suggestion was to move slowly and start out with small steps (i.e procedures) then meet again. I will continue to strongly recommend Dr. Crutchfield to all of my friends and family. His staff is very courteous and knowledgeable too! Thank you!

My Confidence is Back!

Nov 18, 2016 by Anna S.

I came to Dr. Crutchfield after suffering from severe acne for seven years. I had tried many treatments prior to coming to Dr. Crutchfield's office, including topicals and oral medication. I had even tried alternating my diet. I was hesitant at first to start another oral medication, but that quickly ceased as Dr. Crutchfield and his staff explained the treatment course, how the medication is monitored and the safety of it. After four months, my acne was gone. I finally have my confidence back that had been lost.

Dr. Cruttchfield Understands

Nov 18, 2016 by Krystian F.

My daughter was experiencing acne breakouts, skin discoloration, and other skin challenges. Dr. Crutchfield listened to our concerns and prescribed regimen that quickly delivered meaningful progress. By the time we came back for her quarterly check up her acne and discoloration had virtually disappeared. Still focused on helping Krystian achieve her goal of completely clear skin, Dr. Crutchfield continues to make adjustments to her daily program. He understands and delivers.

Thank you for your help!

Nov 14, 2016 by Anthony M.

My experience with Crutchfield Dermatology has been amazing. I was worried I would be losing hair forever and have to shave my whole head. After meeting with Dr. Crutchfield I saw amazing improvement right away. He assured mew I wouldnt have to shave all of my hair off and continued to boost my confidence after each visit. I now have a full head of hair and a beard! Thank you for your help!

Very Effective!

Nov 14, 2016 by Brian C.

Once yearly checks and skin is under control. Very satisfied with experience and Dr. Crutchfield's patent products are very effective.

CrutchfieldDermatologyReviews.com , USA 5.0 5.0 1233 1233 The experience has been awesome! I cant believe the difference in my skin. I had tried everything before and this is the only thing that really worked. The staff is all so nice and